The Tree By The Sea

Dan Frugalberg

Let me stand a little closer, your splendour clearly see,

The strength in all your branches, the arms that had carried me.

For in my lonely hour, ’twas to you, my mother, flee,

To hide among your shady leaves, to cast my gaze at sea.

~ D.F.

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Dupe? W7 In the Buff Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Online Beauty Finds

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

Hi everyone!

I have seen this palette as a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette, and when I saw this on eBay for only $8.99, I had to try it out! The links are below as always.

W7 in the buff eyeshadow palette

These shadows are very pigmented and smooth; there is two matte shades (buff & chocolate) which are a bit powdery. They last all day on the eyes; I noticed little fading after 8+ hours. They have a bit of a fall out while applying but that can be fixed by either placing a tissue under the eyes or doing the eyes before the face makeup. They apply beautifully and not patchy at all, even the matte shades are very blend-able.

The colors are beautiful, the first shade (buff) does not show up in pictures because it is very close to my skin color; just a bit more yellow. The first two…

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Crazy for coral

Face Camera Action

Recently I have found an amazing website called Sabo Skirt which is based in Australia and all of their clothes are gorgeous, also the fact they are based in Australia is even better for me because I live in England so it means no one else will have the same!

My favourite colour is coral so coming across this little diamond was great. It’s a great fit and a lovely colour and so flattering!

I feel this play suit goes so well for the evening and the day time dressed up or down. I recently wore it out on for the evening and I dressed it up with some nude wedges and a nude clutch bag.

I think this would look great as well in the day time with some tanned sandles and bag as well.


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Walking With the Spirit of the Butterfly

An Elephant Called Buddha

The Butterfly Spirit Animal

The butterfly is one of the most emblematic totem animals symbolizing  personal transformation.

This power animal invites those who have connection with it to bring joy and bliss into their lives.  Butterflies often have bright colors.  By extension, they are associated with aliveness and brightness.

The message of this totem animal is to lighten up and add more color to your life.

Courtesy of Elena Harris,  Editor of Spiritual Animal

Not too long ago I found myself into a stagnant point in my life.  This was a cross road of some kind.  I had a dream of a butterfly prancing here and there happy to just touch flowers, tree blooms and  most of all me.  At first I was intrigued then fascinated.  When I found that my name is actually a butterfly totem, I was scared!  All the signs were there.  Then the change came, all…

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