Travel Diaries: Hongkong~Disneyland & Oceanpark

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Though I’ve visited few theme parks in Hyderabad & Beijing. It isn’t the same with Hong kong’s Disneyland & Ocean park. I felt for the magic spell of Disneyland and adrenaline rush of Ocean park. I made this visit in June end 2009. Its almost been 6 years but still the memories are so intact that I feel this, as if it happened yesterday. We only carried a small digital camera so the pictures are not upto the mark. I wish I can show you guys all the rides and activities we did but I can’t and don’t want to because I wanted you people to go to Hong kong to experience it..

Disneyland: Where imagination comes to life

This is the world of imagination, hopes, and dreams. In this timeless land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic and make-believe are reborn – and fairy tales come true. Fantasyland is dedicated to…

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Troop Trains



Troop Trains were important to the United States in previous Wars. The first war in which trains were used to carry Americans to battle was the Mexican War in 1846.   Extensive use of trains to carry troops occurred in both World Wars.


Here’s a preview of some of the exciting projects we have put together for you:

Our feature article is “All About Troop Trains”

We have a Troop Train Slide Show that will enjoy very much.

See all about Vietnam troop trains, including the last major troop movement from Junction City, Kansas to Oakland, California.

On our site, we cover troop trains on the New Haven Railroad , military movements , hospital trains, camp trains and ammunition trains on the New Haven

We have a section on Freedom Trains. and some great photos at The New Haven Railroad goes to war!!!

Please don’t leave without seeing Our…

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Huge Fire at General Electric’s Appliance Park


A fire that broke out at a building at General Electric’s Appliance Park Friday morning has been contained.


Numerous fire departments remain on the scene at Building 6 and a shelter-in-place order has been issued for an area within a two-mile radius of Appliance Park. are on the scene of a massive blaze at General Electric’ s Appliance Park.

Authorities expanded the original half-mile radius area shortly after noon but reduced it back down to a half-mile due to changing weather conditions. Shelter-in-place means residents are recommended to go inside, close doors and windows, turn off air conditioning or heating systems, and turn on the radio or TV for more information.

The blaze consumed the building and it appears to be a total loss. All employees are accounted for and safe. Several other buildings at the park were empty because employees were off for Good Friday.

GE issued the…

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Todd Gould: Where he has been, What he is up to; Where he is going


(Pictured above is Todd Gould vacationing on the French Riviera in Nice France)

The Accredited Standards Committee X12 (ASC X12), has installed directors forthe 2015–2017 term to provide leadership in the development of cross-industry e-business standards that improve business process interoperability and facilitate business information exchange.Newly-elected directors include:Todd Gould,CEO, Loren Data Corp

Since I entered in the EDI industry in 1996, I have not seen a more promising time to be in this market. The GXS era was an unfortunate disruption to the natural growth of a networked market; however, under the new management of OpenText opportunity is back. Now that we avoided the apocalypse, it is time for us, the leaders of the industry, to deliver the next generation of B2B automation. In the coming months Loren Data will begin rolling out the next evolution of the EDI VAN, one that is more user and developer friendly, more extensible…

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Yet Another Predictor For This Year

Lot of folks enjoyed this


As 2015 begins to roll, it’s time to consider what this year may bring along with it in terms of issues and opportunities along the supply chain. Certainly things will change as they always do, but whether those changes will be good for each of us individually or not will depend on circumstances that will be different for every company.

In his story “Supply Chain Predictions for 2015” our own Michael Martz looked at topics including big data, robotics, drones, and the Internet of Things. I agree that all those expanding technologies will have significant impacts on everyone in the supply chain in the coming years. But I also think that the most significant issue we will see this year will be something prognosticators tend to disregard.

Find out about Love Promises and Fair Promise

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Passenger 1958: All Kinds Of Cool Stuff On Eastern Railroads.


Robert R. Young (1897-1958), principal supporter of Penn Central merger on NYC side, commits suicide in Palm Beach, Florida, at age 60.

Robert R. Young Robert R. Young

We ran articles on 1956  and and got lots of readers, so here goes 1958. These notes come from The Pennsylvania Railroad Technical & Historical Society Lots of  years in Pennsylvania RR history are available. But what is great is that they cover lots of other railroads. Internal Pennsylvania RR material not included.

PRR and NYC begin honoring each other’s tickets between New York and major Midwestern cities. (Guide)

New Haven drops 10 of 38 New York-Boston trains and 4 of 32 New York-Springfield trains; The Senator discontinued between Boston and New York; through coaches to Grand Central discontinued on The Pilgrim; other trains discontinued include The Mayflower ,

The Commander, The Murray Hill, The Bostonian/New Yorker; eastbound Narragansett


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What Wikipedia Won’t Tell You About EDI


Picture appears courtesy ofGiulia Forsythe.  This week’s blog was written by Kristen Kearns, Manager of EDI Services for Aurora Technologies.  Lots of people search for information on Wikipedia, don’t they?  What Wikipedia doesn’t tell you about EDI, could hurt you!  Or hurt your business.  Read on to get the 411.

First off, Wikipedia talks about Standards in EDI.  EDI standards are not the “be all end all” of a successful EDI operation.  I’ve seen all types of variations to the Standards.  This runs the gamut from data not being where it’s supposed to be to not following element code standards or putting too long or too short data in data elements, etc.  How do you work around this?  If you have a robust EDI solution, such as Liaison’s Delta/ECS, you could have separate maps for each trading partner accommodating for those variations.

Wikipedia talks about Specifications for…

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