threats to marriage: unmet emotional needs, sexual refusal, affairs and porn use


Why do married persons seek out extramarital affairs or use porn?

The theme of this essay is that unmet emotional and unsatisfied sexual needs can lead a married person to look elsewhere in an attempt to fulfill or at least partially satisfy those needs.  Thus, extramarital affairs and porn use are both problems, yes, but these can also be symptomatic of other underlying problems or unresolved issues in the marriage.

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I Can’t Save Him // And that’s ok.

Ordinary Adventures

My brother’s struggle began last spring. But that’s not my story to tell.

My story is just an aftershock.

When I first found out about my brother’s problems, I ran to the edge, didn’t look back, and dove in. I knew, together, we would beat this.

It didn’t take long for it to be clear that no matter how many support groups, helping hands, and long tirades and tears I threw together, nothing would happen until he decided he wanted those things too. It was obvious, but I was blind. Even with his own troubles getting worse, and my constant failures to get him help continued to pile up, I could not take no for an answer. I had an empathetic ear, an open heart, a broken spirit; there must have been something I could have done.

Seasons passed and too many tears were shed. Too many late night calls were…

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