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The Art Of Bending An IPHONE6

These guys bent an iPhone 6 Plus inside an Apple Store. 

Some teenagers go to the movies for a thrill.

Other walk into Apple stores and record themselves perpetuating the iPhone 6 Plus’ bending problem —  now known as BendGate.

Two British teens, who call themselves Kylie and Danny, did just that over the weekend and recorded their exploits for the world to see.

YouTube/Coastal Road The intrepid product testers. 

The video title, ” Chumps bending iPhone 6 plus in Apple Store,” says a lot about how good of an idea this was.

The video itself is shaky but the boys are able to bend the iPhone 6 Plus, as seen above.

It’s an especially risky thing to do because the Apple store they’re at (they don’t say which one) sounds packed full of customers and Apple retail employees.

Toward the end of the video, the teenagers encounter an Apple employee and pepper him with questions about the iPhone 6.

It’s difficult to hear his responses, but they say employees called BendGate “an online rumor.”

What’s interesting is how BendGate has transformed from users worrying that the iPhone bends slightly in their jean pocket to a full-on test of the iPhone’s durability.

Kylie and Danny say one Apple Store employee acknowledged the obvious: that the iPhone 6 Plus is made of aluminum, so of course it’s bendable.

Trying to bend the iPhone 6 Plus in half isn’t exactly a fair use-case.

It’s unclear why these teenagers began the video by sharing their names and faces. That would seemingly only make it easier for authorities to charge them with property damage.

This isn’t the first time someone has simply walked into an iPhone retailer and tried to bend a 6 Plus. A Wall Street analyst did just that last week at an AT&T store.

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