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Does Tiger Woods’ Latest Disgrace Mark a New Low for the Golf Business?

Just this week we ran a story about

Tiger Woods Blasts Satirical Golf Digest Article By Dan Jenkins

on the surface, it had nothing to do with golf — or even an authentic story, for that matter.

It was pretty nasty.

Why is this relevant to the investor? Well, this may mark the bottom for the golf business. Or it may show just how bad things are in the golf business, and how far they have to go to recover.

Tiger Woods is, basically, this generation’s only household golf name — sorry, Phil Mickelson. And he has slipped so far down the respect continuum that he is getting ridiculed in national publications by reputable writers.

And unfortunately, it’s not a bottom.

It’s only fitting that next week is the fifth anniversary of the night Tiger was chased out of his home as his seemingly ideal life crumbled. News was breaking about a string of extra-marital affairs, and his soon-to-be ex-wife wasn’t happy about it.

The bloom was off Woods’ Sunday rose-red Nike (NKE ) golf shirt.

The image of Tiger Woods would be damaged forever, and maybe his is game too — and maybe the entire game of golf as well. (Woods has not won a major tournament since that fateful Florida night.)

And the business of golf is in free fall. And participation is no longer growing.

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