Saint-Gaudens NHS

Free Rangering

This was another one of those experiences where I knew nothing about it and then got there and realized that I actually knew stuff about this and had never put it together.  I never really remember things like band names, or songs, or albums, which bothers my husband to no end.  Apparently my art history is the same.  Augustus Saint-Gaudens is one of the premier American sculptures and is specifically known for his civil war works.  Which is fortuitous because we are just wrapping up our Civil War unit.

We arrived at the site and immediately became concerned it was closed (spoiler alert IT WAS.)  After parking we walked up a lovely trail with a babbling brook until we found what appeared to be a visitors center.  There were a group of people near the door.  They GAUDEN DISPLAYtold us to come on inside and the young man, who turned out…

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Beer, Bourbon and Memories #SoCS

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February’s beers – in honor of Barb

If we were having a beer, you would be questioning my fashion sense.

“You know, I never realized until today how much I appreciate your wearing a denim shirt or a fleece pullover over your otherwise questionable clothing choices.”

“I am wearing a fleece pullover.”

“Yes, but you normally have it zipped farther up.”

“I’m showing support for my brother’s alma mater.”

“In other words, ISU beat the stuffing out of WVU on Tuesday and you lost a bet.”

“You could say that.”

“Oooh, I like it when people lose bets. That usually results in purchases from the top shelf.”

“I lost a bet, Cheryl, but not with this old man.”

“Dang, I was hoping to breathe some life into a slow day.”

“Well, I’ll have a Corona, and I’ll buy him a round of whatever he likes.”

“Cheryl, what’s that Bourbon John…

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Mean People Should Stay Home – #1linerWeds

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I’ve been pondering the title for three days. Ever since I had the unpleasant experience of overhearing the following “conversation:”

Where are the warm rolls? They’re supposed to be served with dinner entrees?

We’re actually still serving lunch. They don’t start heating rolls until after 5:00

She offered to bring him some rolls.

The customer at the table yelled to the bartender: “I need to speak with a manager.”

The customer complained to the manager about the waitress’s attitude. The manager explained that the waitress was right, and that there aren’t warm rolls at 3:00. The man was upset about the restaurant being cheap. The manager explained that the lunch portions are smaller, less complicated and quite a bit cheaper, and that if he wanted rolls, he could have them but if he wanted warm rolls, he would have to wait for them to…

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Movin’ on

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I’m beginning to think that encouraging Linda to get the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt out earlier in the day on Friday wasn’t such a good idea. Maybe it’s the hour, maybe the coffee, I don’t know, but she seems to be raising the bar. Our assignment this week:

“Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: movement. However, don’t use the word ‘movement.’ Choose some sort of movement, and base your post on that. Enjoy!”

I must confess, I tried to make this work, but I had to edit…a lot. Maybe, I can slide it under #JusJoJan

If we were having a beer you would be picking on me, Pandora, Cheryl and SoundHound.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m snagging this song on SoundHound.”

“Why? Surely you know that’s Johnny Cash. I mean you’re one of them.”

“Wait, what…?”

“Wait what, what?”

“I’m trying to figure out where…

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Love that car at the top Think Oldsmobile. Buick would have 3 or 4 “holes” in the side


There was a dance with the name “Silhouette” back in the very early 1960s … or maybe it was the very late 1950s. 

Okay, looked it up again — 1957 was the original by The Rays, but other groups put out versions of it too — Herman’s Hermits and the Ronettes — both 1965. And the Nylons in 1981. I missed the 1981 version — I was in Israel by then.

It was a line dance. It may have been the very first of all line dances. I liked it because I could actually perform it and you couldn’t say that about me and other dances — of any kind. It had steps that anyone who could walk could probably master, except most of the guys I knew who barely managed walking without stumbling. It wasn’t drinking, either. They just had problems with managing their feet.

I seem to…

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Schedule – Pattern – Rut?

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“It’s cold”

After reading Deborah Drucker’s recent post: “Appointment to Write,” she and I exchanged a few comments. I mentioned: “I am plodding along the same path/rut I’ve been in.”

It probably wasn’t the best choice of words, but Deborah’s response got me thinking about schedules and habits and ruts and where they all intersect. I’m not sure these thoughts will be of interest to anyone other than me, and I don’t think I figured it all out, but since we’re still at that reflective time of the year, I’m going to go with it.

The “schedule” I have is a product of what I want to achieve by writing (I want to entertain, and I want to improve) and the way my weeks are filled. I have a day job, other hobbies, a family and a demanding dog. Fortunately, most of these things result in…

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Easy Monday

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Maddie’s park on Saturday morning. The snow is gone now.

So far, 2017 weather has been cold, colder, colder-still, warm, cold, warmer. This weekend was warm enough to change the yard from snow to mud and for Maddie to be able to sit without her vest on. So, that’s what we did. We also went for the first walk of 2018. And we, well I spent a few hours under a sink.

So, it’s your choice. Pictures of winter scenes, Maddie, MiMi and a rare picture of MuMu, or a story about connecting the pieces parts of a drain.

Go ahead.

Think about it.

Take as long as you want.

Yeah, I thought so, the pictures.

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A Swim with the Fishes

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“Oceanic, that’s it.”

“What are you talking about?”

“My wife asked me about the full name of the seafood place over in East Hartford – it’s Mickey’s Oceanic.”

“I don’t like it when you guys come in here talking about other restaurants.”

“Don’t mind my young friend, Cheryl, he’s having a senior moment. Besides, Mickey’s doesn’t have a liquor license.”

“Well we do, but you guys aren’t taking advantage of it.”

“I’ll have a glass of red wine, Cheryl.”

“Yo, Dan. Yuengling? Brooklyn, Corona?”

“Just a sec’ Cheryl, I have to text my wife.”

“OooKay – Brooklyn, it is.”

“So, how come you didn’t mention the Woodworking Show last week?”

“I hadn’t gone yet, we actually didn’t go until Sunday.”

“Oh, so that’s why I had to find out about it by reading your blog.”

“Here’s your beer, and here’s your wine.”

“What about…”

“…your seltzer and a glass…

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