Thursday Doors – Walking by Doors in Pittsburgh

No Facilities

Phipps Hall of Botany

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m milking that long vacation weekend for all it’s worth. Faith and I walk a lot when we travel and we took different streets to and from our destinations, so we had different door opportunities.

Faith is a good sport and, as many of you have experienced with your family members and friends, she has gone from being door-tolerant to becoming a door-enabler during the time I’ve been succumbing to my addiction to honing my appreciation of doors. It’s a common occurrence to hear her say: “oh, here’s a nice door” as we walk.

Thursday Doors is a year-round sporting event for door lovers. League Commissioner and captain of the home team, Norm Frampton runs the international Thursday Doors operation (ITD) from Montreal, Canada. The league is always open to expansion, so if you have some doors, head on over…

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National Airborne Day – 16 August

Pacific Paratrooper


“Airborne All the Way”

Author unknown


These men with silver wings

Troopers from the sky above

In whom devotion springs

What spirit so unites them?

In brotherhood they say

Their answer loud and clear.

“Airborne All the Way.”

These are the men of danger

As in open door they stand

With static line above them

And ripcord in their hand.

While earthbound they are falling

A silent prayer they say

“Lord be with us forever,

Airborne All the Way.”

One day they’ll make their final jump

Saint Mike will tap them out

The good Lord will be waiting

He knows what they’re about

And answering in unison

He’ll hear the troopers say

“We’re glad to be aboard, Sir,

Airborne All the Way!”

For another outstanding poem in honor of the U.S. Army Airborne – Please visit, Lee at ……

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Personal Note – icon_lol


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One-Liner Wednesday – Just Like a Train

No Facilities

As you might have guessed from Monday’s post, Faith and I like to walk. My wife likes to walk too. Oddly enough, my wife and I would both like to walk farther than Maddie will agree to, but I digress.

When we were in Pittsburgh, we were surprised to learn that the Pittsburgh Steelers were holding their first ever Family Fan Fest at Heinz Field on Sunday. We decided to go, but with a baseball game at PNC Park (next to Heinz Field) and the Pittsburgh Regatta still underway, we weren’t sure where to park. We decided to park at Station Square and walk over.

A little more context

Station Square is on the west side of the Monongahela River. Heinz Field is on the North Shore of the Allegheny River. Our walk involved crossing the Monongahela via the Smithfield St. Bridge and the Allegheny via the Roberto Clemente…

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Thursday Doors – PA Trolley Doors

No Facilities

I really like this trolley entrance.

On our recent visit to Pittsburgh, we made a last-minute diversion to the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum near Washington, PA. Truth be told, we always referred to Washington as “Little Washington” so as not to confuse it with Washington, D.C. I guess we weren’t concerned about Washington state. Anyway, we had a few extra hours, so a ride, a tour and a lot of trollies.

So many trollies, that I have more door photos than will fit today. I’ll do my best to describe them in the gallery (click to start a slide show and see the captions). I’ll finish-up on a future Thursday when I have time to toss in a little information about the museum. I’m still playing catch-up with this week.

Thursday Doors is product of Canada where doors are imported from around the world by Norm Frampton, Limited. If you want…

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Jazz You Too

Wonderfully long hot days – simple tasks, clear choices – here’s the album for the day – the daily soundtrack.

Something similar has already happened with Dark Territory by Dave Douglas and Nearness by Joshua Redman & Brad Mehldau. I guess that’s the plan for the coming days.

(The name of the band, Triveni, refers to the sacred Triveni Sangam at Allahabad in India, and to the meeting of the three rivers there)

It means the waters come together and you don’t see anymore what was the other river. It is the Ganges, the Yamuna, the Saraswati. The third is the mythical one, it doesn’t really exist. What I had in mind is, I’m the Ganges, Omer is the Yamuna, and Nasheet is the Saraswati. Omer is the known, we have that history together. And Nasheet is the mysterious force for me, on my side. He’s unpredictable, always changing what…

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Thursday Doors – Dupont Circle

Stupid me. Worked in DC in early April. More interested in keeping dry in rain.

No Facilities

Anderson House driveway doors

The title should say “to and from” Dupont Circle, but let’s not quibble over minor details. I was about to say “last month” when I realized that it’s August and the pictures I have to share today were taken in June. What happened to July? Anyway, way back in June, when I was commuting for two days from Silver Spring, MD to the Cosmos Club in Washington, D.C., I took the Metro’s Red Line train from Silver Spring to Dupont Circle. Along the short walk to the Cosmos Club, I passed a couple of blocks of brownstones and, of course, I paid attention to the doors.

Most of the doors were just your normal run of the mill entrance doors, but when homes are squished in side-by-side, people seem to go to great lengths to give their door, entrance, yard, etc. a look that will set…

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