Book Review: “Getting to Mr. Right,” by Carol Balawyder 👝 🎒


One of my summer reading books,

“Getting to Mr. Right,”

written by Carol Balawyder,

a dear friend and fellow blogger,

was right away a plot with

great characters who

I was curious to find

out more about!

The main character, Campbell,

has studied the subject of

Father – Daughter


Is there a correlation

between women who have

strained or “broken” relations

with their father and inability

to develop close, nurturing

futures with men?

Do these women somehow

search, without possible hope,

for their Prince Charming?

Do they set too lofty of expectations

for boyfriends, husbands and partners?

Four women of varied ages meet

at a research group where over

time, it develops into combination

of fun, therapy, counseling and

support for those who have had

negative relationships with

their fathers. It starts as a

series of workshops, but

attendance is a low

turnout, so their

personal journeys

create support,

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