My Diary: When Tomorrow Is Yesterday

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I got up while June was still in bed drawing a plimsoll line on a surf board of sleep.‭ ‬She finally reached the shore and we both watched the figure in the street take off everything that didn’t actually belong to her.‭ ‬June then went to town to collect her armadillo coat‭ ‬-‭ ‬I went down later followed by a long line of ants.‭ ‬We came home as part of a silk route caravan only for June to go out again,‭ ‬wrapped in coloured sheets and with a clock miraculously floating over the pillow case on her head.‭ ‬I heard a crash when it chimed two-o-clock but she appeared sometime later completely unscathed and wearing an upright piano for a skirt.‭ ‬She had gone to the birth place of the mitrochondrial Eve to clean clothes not realising that I had briefly visited Armageddon to make them dirty again.

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