Statistics are like a bikini…

Aloada Bobbins

Hi all, for today’s Fadtastic Friday, we will be talking facts and figures!


No, wait! It’s not that bad…hopefully. You see, I’ve found a new mini-fad playing around with making infographics, brought on by;

a) Being a regular blogger for a whole 3 months!
b) Passing my 100 WordPress follower and 500 likes mark. Woohoo! 🙂

I actually reached each of these milestones last weekend, which is when I made the graphic to celebrate (any normal person would have just opened a bottle of wine I’m sure…)

So really, this post is just a massive thank you to everyone who has encouraged me to keep going, via views, likes, comments or follows and not let it be ‘just another fad’! It really has meant a lot. 🙂 Plus, a big word of appreciation to Jason, the Opinionated Man, who I’m very honoured to welcome as ‘technically’ my 100th follower…

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