Drunk Driving in the 19th Century (Snippets 43)

Windows into History

coach “Four in Hand” by Thomas Eakins (1880)

In the first ever ‘Snippets’ article on Windows into History, Lovely View, Shame About the Corpse I included a quote from the first volume of The Autobiography of a Stage-Coachman, by Thomas Cross, published in three volumes by Hurst and Blackett in 1861, and I promised to return to the same series of books in a future Snippet.  It has taken a while (there are so many interesting ‘forgotten’ books to explore!) but the following quote is taken from the second volume of the same work, and describes an incident of drunk driving on the part of the writer.

Flattered at having made a favourable impression, I failed to perceive that the good old port, of which the host was by no means sparing, was likely to make an impression on me. Wishing, as I supposed, to mark the favour I had…

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