Cheesy Wrestling Finishing Moves

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If watching someone get hit with a chair is wrong, please rest assured that I don’t want to be right.

WWE wrestling is the soap opera we’ve always wanted: a mediocre story, filled with expected plot twists, predictable love triangles, and men & women flying around in tights. (And this time we’re not talking about Peter Pan. )

In honor of all things cheesy, I  have complied the top 10 cheesiest named wrestling finishing moves of all time. OH-MAH-GAWD.

“The Rock Bottom” – Finishing move of The Rock

Rock Bottom 

You can only go up from here!


“The Verdict” – Finishing move of David Otunga

david-otunga-wins-flawless-victory.jpgThe jury has ruled in favor of PAIN!


“The Attitude Adjustment” – Finishing move of John Cena

John CenaAfter school detention doesn’t always work…


“The Meat Hook” – Finishing move of Ryback


And don’t you go a-thinkin’ I’m your ordinary butcher.


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